Monday, October 11, 2010

Gay marriage.

I am always irritated by the debate about gay marriage. I think that the government shouldn't be involved with marriage at all, so as far as I'm concerned it's a moot point. If some people, gay or straight, want to say that they're married, then go for it. As for tax breaks, I think everyone should have to pay the same amount of tax with no reductions for children, so that (in my opinion) is also inconsequential.
I don't know much about this so there's a good chance I missed some important aspects of it. Anyone who disagrees with me, go ahead and let me know what those are.

Work that doesn't require college

I really don't like college (or school), and want to just get a job instead. I'm not sure where to go, since I don't want to work a minimum wage job with no room for improvement. I want something that uses some of my abilities (math, science, writing, and potential for computer ability). Don't know how to find that at all. Does anyone have suggestions for jobs like that? 
I don't really care how much I make right now as long as it can eventually improve pretty well. So a job that only pays min wage now, as long as it gets a lot better, would be fine with me.